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Timothy Project CR 2014: Answered Prayer

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 9.43.34 AMYouth at Getsemaní Baptist Church get prayers unexpectantly answered.

Many of the young males and females at the Getsemaní Baptist Church in Limon, Costa Rica, are passionate soccer fans, whose passion translates from the stands to the field and from the pew to the prayer closet.


The uniformness church team prayed for over a year and half, for God to provide!

With this passion for football, many of the youth and some of the adults in the congregation formed a team and started playing against other church teams and secular teams in the Caribbean town of Port Limon. Though they enjoyed playing, doing so without uniforms was a major concern. Was God interested in soccer uniforms? Was this something they could pray about? They did!!!

photo 1

Associate Chaplain Hugo Venegas listens to Jeffry and another team member share their story of how they consistently prayed over a year and a half for uniforms.

photo 3

Associate Chaplain Venegas presents uniforms to the church group.


After over a year and a half of praying for uniforms and waiting upon God, CrossTraining was looking for opportunities to bless and serve teams around the world with donated gear from the Colorado Rapids. Associate Chaplain Hugo Venegas, after being instructed by Lead Chaplain Brad Kenny to find possible recipients in Costa Rica, was overjoyed to inform that he had contacted a worship leader and avid soccer fan, Jeffry Rosales about whether they had a team and were in need of uniforms. Jeffry’s responded with some angst, “We have been praying over a year and a half for uniforms for our church team!”

During a recent trip in late January/early February, Chaplain Vengas was able to deliver an answer to the prayers of the church team. Stay tuned for pictures of the church group using the uniforms in league play!

If you would like to support future Timothy Project ventures, such as this one, please use the PayPal link below to make a donation. Your financial gift helps to secure additional equipment, sponsor a missionary or organization in an outreach effort, and cover associated costs of providing bibles, equipment, and other outreach tools around the world!


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