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Timothy Project: Senegal 2016 Update

Timothy Project: Senegal 2016 UpdateThe Timothy Project: Senegal 2016 Update features an update from Brian Davis’ team that requested gear last year.  Members of the team grew up in Gabon, a Central African country where a passion for soccer and desire to share the love and truth of God has proven an easy way to share the Good News.

Since arriving in 2013, the team in Senegal has hosted a kids clubs where the children play soccer and make crafts among other activities.  With the popularity of soccer, the team built a small 4v4 soccer field on top of their roof for the children.  They even made soccer goals out of pipes and fishing nets.  There can easily be over 100 children who come to The Center each week.  Soccer is always the favorite activity.

The team have partnered with a local Senegalese colleague, who has taken his passion for Christ and soccer to a whole new level.  As a street child, he came to know the Lord in his late teens.  Since then he’s been serving the Lord through kid’s ministries, which is how he came to join the The Center.

Since we’ve been able to get our hands on some soccer equipment, we’ve been able to host weekly soccer games at our center, always finishing our time with short Bible stories.  For the past 2-3 years we have created great relationships with children, ages 3-18, without any problems within the community or with parents.  God has been good to us and is using the simple sport of soccer to draw close to children and share His Love, Truth, and Power.

It is their desire to host soccer tournaments for the children throughout the year. Ideally the tournaments would be on a Saturday to allow the team to reach as many children from the community as possible.  At the first tournament last year, the children created their own teams and played games through the day. Each team received a prize and  the tournament concluded with time in God’s Word and a film.

The team struggles to obtain finances to acquire soccer equipment.  They gather what they can but it is not much.  The donations that recently arrived from CrossTraining, jerseys and equipment, is such a blessing.  God has grown this part of the ministry in such a way that they are now at the point of moving forward into a large-scale soccer ministry.

This month The Center will host another tournament which will be a big test.  Many local kids clubs have been notified of the tournament and are encouraged to create soccer teams.  Each team will have seven players with the hope of having 6-8 teams total. They’re hoping to host the tournament in a nearby stadium.

In April, they’ll host another tournament using some of the equipment CrossTraining has donated.  At the end of the day, all the teams will come to The Center for dinner where prizes will be hand out to all the teams (some of CrossTraining’s donations will be used as prizes).   There will be a message and a showing of the Jesus film.

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