Timothy Project CYM 2014: Wales Of Encouragement

Jun 12, 2014

photo 6For Pastor Rick Holman, there are several things taken for granted here in the United States – faith in God being one of the primary ones. That’s why the recent trip that Scottsdale Bible Church made to Cardiff, Wales to host a Bible and soccer camp afforded an opportunity to share with children why faith in God is important and how one can know that He exists in a world filled with doubt.

photo 5Scottsdale Bible’s Cactus Campus sent a team of 12 people to their sister church, Highfields Church, in Cardiff, Wales to help put on a soccer camp – mornings were filled with skills and training and the afternoons filled with tournament play. The middle of the day included lunch, a large group presentation on apologetics where attendees investigated whether the Bible was real, God was real and Jesus was real and if so, does it matter?

photo 4The team then had attendees break into smaller groups and discuss thought provoking questions and facilitate dialogue surrounding the message. The goal was to not only serve alongside of their fellow church, but to encourage them in sharing the gospel and the Good News of Jesus Christ

A couple highlights of the trip included each day one team member would presenting their testimony. In a country (Wales/UK) where most people aged 1-20 have no concept of God, this is a big deal.

For the kids to hear real stories of life change that we sometimes take for granted in the USA was enlightening for many.

photo 8Another highlight included being able to speak to the large group on whether “God is real and does it matter?” When the team broke out into smaller groups the questions coming from the kids were honest and real without any pretense. For many it was the first time they had heard any type of Biblical argument that their existence was planned and part of a bigger picture that continues to unfold before them. Holman recalls,

One boy named George asked me, “Do you mean we were supposed to live forever?” I said, “Yes.” He said he wanted to live forever and asked how he could. And then the joy came when George heard the Gospel for the first time and believed it and as only a 10 year old boy could say, he said, “That’s Cool!”

Holman and the team from Scottsdale Bible Cactus Campus wish to pass along their thanks to CrossTraining and its supporters who helped with project needs –

(We) Can’t thank you enough for your generous support of our trip. The bibs were a hit as the old ones they had, had long past their useful date in appearance and smell! We gave the DVD’s out each day to players of the day and they loved them.

photo 11

A brief  summary of the trip and additional pictures are included below.

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1 One Day Soccer Camp (26 attended) – only 3 of the 26 attend church.

1 Four Day Soccer Camp (76 attended) – 50/50 mix of church and non-church kids.

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