Timothy Project: Valor Costa Rica 2017 Update

Mar 23, 2017

CrossTraining Timothy ProjectThis past Monday,  Rev Brad Kenney visited Brian Shultz and the Valor Christian High School team headed to Costa Rica. As part of the Timothy Project: Valor Costa Rica 2017 Update, Rev Kenney shares the following from their time together.

It’s always a blessing to go and pray over the teams and the people that are utilizing the Timothy Project gear to serve others. For the Valor team, it’s exciting to see the young, student athletes who will go and be part of a life-changing trip where they serve the poor and minister to them through soccer.

Timothy Project: Valor Costa Rica 2017 UpdateThe commissioning of the team, featured a time of prayer led by Rev. Kenney, team leaders,  and the parents of team members.

Typically, when we take on these short-term endeavors we go with the hope that we will affect change in the lives of the people or communities that we serve. But what often happens, is that they end up affecting us much more — they help open our eyes to the needs and conditions that people around the world live in.

The team leaves tomorrow, Friday March 24. You can follow updates on their trip through the team’s travel blog.

Timothy Project: Valor Costa Rica 2017 Update on Fulfillment

CrossTraining was able to provide for the Valor Costa Rica 2017 trip, the following equipment:

  • 30 soccer balls (new)
  • 100 jerseys (new)
  • 200 pairs of soccer socks
  • 40 pairs of soccer cleats
  • 100 disc cones (new)
  • 16 scrimmage vests (new)

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