Special Shoes

Jan 23, 2020

Late last year, Soccer Chaplains United received a “random” email:

Hi !! I would like to have a address where I can donate my new cleats. I want them to go to someone who love soccer but special love Jesus like I do. Please send me the address where I can mail Them.

I say “random” because although we have invited donations of soccer equipment from individuals, 99.9% comes through bigger organizations like soccer teams and clubs. It is the rare occasion that we receive a donation like this.

Probing further for a story or for information on this act of generosity, we received the next message,

I’m 16 years old and I play soccer I’m from USA but God open a door for me to play in Barcelona. I’m here in Florida for the holiday but in January I will be back to Barcelona to continue my dream to become a professional soccer player (keep me in your prayers) I have this cleats for 2 months but I will get new ones and I want this cleats to go to special boy who has a dream just like me. 

Justan Dunstan, donor of the special shoes. Follow him here.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, after receiving the cleats, I was having a coffee conversation with Valor Christian and John Brown alum, Conor Georgopulous. Conor works with Missionary Athletes International in Chicago and is getting ready to lead a team on an international trip. The more we talked, the more it seemed that maybe the “special” person that these special shoes may be part of Conor’s team.

Conor Georgopulous , Chicago Eagles

Stay tuned to this story throughout 2020 as we discover where and for whom God intends this special pair of shoes.

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