Love God. Love the brothers. Love the game.

May 06, 2019

It is the season theme for Christ Presbyterian Academy’s Boys Soccer Program. It’s a theme that tells of where our priorities as a Christian lie and, according to CPA Chaplain Ryan Doyle, it’s part of what Head Coach Tom Gerlach and the rest of the CPA staff are constantly working to instill in the hearts and lives of the young men of CPA; a solid foundation of faith for the rest of their lives.

It echoes out from our team chant, and it rings in our hearts every minute of every game and every practice. It is what we are about at CPA Men’s Soccer.

Ryan Doyle, CPA Chaplain

CPA, this year, expanded the effort and reach of doing ministry through soccer by adding an official chaplaincy program in partnership with Soccer Chaplains United. Ryan Doyle, announced back in January, has been serving CPA for a number of years on the coaching staff and this year has begun the work of serving more intentionally as chaplain to the program.

Chaplain Ryan Doyle stands with the family of a CPA alum who has gone to be with the Lord.

Some of the extensions of what Ryan has led or supported have included pregame player-led devotions to developing game day prayer partners, from listening to worship music during practice to publicly honoring the courage and Christian character of our opponents. For a team that is finishing the regular season at 16-1 there has been plenty of jubilant celebration in victory but also there has been moments of work and prayer to provide encouragement in the midst of season-threatening injuries and other trials and travails that accompany the sport of soccer. Ryan shared with me,

The Lord has been present and moving in our midst this year, and his gracious favor has been evident.

Ryan Doyle, CPA Chaplain
Head Coach Tom Gerlach (back middle, with hat) looks on as Chaplain Ryan Doyle (back right) shares words of remembrance with CPA players and alumni.

Sometimes in sports we think that it’s mainly about winning and losing, but from the chaplains perspective we often see the difficult details of life that are in the in-between and day-to-day spaces. Even at 16-1 and heading begin district champions has come at a cost.

We have lost loved ones and grieved together as brothers, and we have celebrated the individual accolades of teammates as if they were our own.

Ryan Doyle, CPA Chaplain

CPA boys soccer is a highly decorated program and the vision of Head Coach Tom Gerlach and the school has always been about ministry through soccer, and this year there was an intentional step to orchestrate and integrate a chaplaincy program that could stand in the gap during the high and low moments of the year. For Ryan and the program, the chaplaincy has been a great blessing, and is the beginning of a ministry that will continue to grow. CPA begins post-season play in a regional quarter-final on Tuesday.

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