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Community Project Bag Lands in Benin (An Update)

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In our first Community Project request for 2024, the football gear has landed! Or, at least part of it in Benin and is now in the hands of local leader Dorothé and the children that he is teaching soccer to and also sharing about the love of Jesus.

Last month, Lucia Eberle, made a request for soccer gear through her EPC church in Texas. It was a quick turnaround because there was an opportunity to meet her church pastor in Phoenix and get the gear back to Texas with no shipping charges (🙌Southwest – two bags fly free). What was really exciting for me as I “pulled” the project, was the way that some of the quantities and sizes seemed to “just happen.” Of course, I have been doing this long enough to know that it’s part of how God works.

One neat part to the project, Lucia made a glancing reference that Dorothé was hopeful to start a women’s team — I just had enough to outfit a team.

The original request:

  • approx. 35-50 sets of soccer shirts and shorts
  • 2 sets of goalkeeper gear

What we were able to provide:

31Gold Men’s Jerseys (2-m, 1-l, 23-resized, 5-xl)
13Gold Women’s Jerseys (modesty fabric sewn and deeper V-neck style)
42Shorts {red at bottom} (1-s, 17-m, 19-l, 4-xl, 1-xxl)
14Shorts [other] (1-s, 6-m, 5-l, 2-xl)
36Soccer socks
Bag 1 @ 50 lbs.
40compression shorts (12-s, 8-m, 20-l)
54compression shirts  (16-m, 26-l, 12-xl)
9Short sleeve staff shirts (5-m, 4-l)
38gray training tops (23-m, 8-l, 7-xl)
1GK glove [new]
2GK shirt/short/sock sets (large – 1 shirt, 2 shorts; medium – 1 shirt, 2 shorts)
Bag 2 @ 50 lbs.

Lucia was blown away by the amount of gear and for her most recent trip (see pictures below) she was only able to take one bag to begin and so mixed some of the items from bag one and two in Texas to take with her.

I didn’t realize how much there would be and that I would be able to get it so soon!

Lucia, when she received the gear

Lucia wrote me recently and sent the pictures (above) from her first trip and delivery. Here is from her email below:

Good afternoon just came back to see the soccer teams from Dorothé 

He started 30 years ago and it’s all free 

Now he has also added teen girls and little ones

What a true joy to see how God is using his love for soccer and young people to bring so much hope to the youth of Benin 

Thank you for the hope and the way to encourage these young people 

He accepts all youth, Muslim or Christian, and shares the gospel 

The kids and Dorothé were so encouraged 

Thank you 

Dorothé wanted to wait to open the bag with the kids so I brought it this afternoon and he saw inside what there was.

The boys of Benin express their love for Coach Dorothé who has done so much in giving away his life and energy into making soccer accessible and fun for them; Dorothé treats them as his own children.

Friends, we know how meaningful these things are for Dorothé and the children that he is reaching out to with love and care. Thank you for your continued support to provide gear and finances for our projects to keep going out around the world!

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