Timothy Project: His Little Feet 2016 - Part 2

Nov 10, 2016

CrossTraining Timothy ProjectLast week we shared about CrossTraining’s gift to His Little Feet international choir when they were on tour this past summer. Now, in the Timothy Project: His Little Feet 2016 – Part 2 we share the rest of the story. Driving away after giving brand new jerseys to the boys int eh choir, CrossTraining’s Executive Director, Rev. Brad Kenney, had his two older girls ask, “Dad, what about the girls?” The international choir featured 10 boys and nearly as Timothy Project: His Little Feet 2016 - Part 2many girls – all from different walks and backgrounds. “Well, I asked their tour director about it and he didn’t think that the girls would want soccer jerseys.” “But dad, they looked like they would have liked to receive something, too.”  was the earnest plea from Rev. Kenney’s 12 and 11 year-old girls. “I know girls, I saw it, too. I tell you what, I will try to call him back and see if we can do something.”

The phone call was made. “Hi, Mike? Hello, it’s Brad, again. Mike, my girls really want to do something for the girls, too.”

Timothy Project: His Little Feet 2016 - Part 2With the choir about to perform, arrangements were made to revisit the choir and this time to give something to the girls. Rev. Kenney shared how the rest of the evening went,

When I called Mike back, I told him that we had women’s jerseys, too, and that we wanted to make sure that the girls felt just as loved. As I was driving back, I was reflecting on how often in our world our default or bias excludes women and girls in certain things. I think having four daughters has made me think differently about that.

When Rev. Kenney returned, this time he brought all four of his daughters to deliver the women’s jerseys.

It was a precious time as my girls got to hand out the women’s jerseys which had a totally different look and feel. These girls could feel valued just as much as the boys. In fact, Mike shared with me that some of the boys had been flaunting their new jerseys and had upset some of the girls, so when the girls received their own jersey they were beaming and had huge smiles.

Timothy Project: His Little Feet 2016 - Part 2 Timothy Project: His Little Feet 2016 - Part 2Timothy Project: His Little Feet 2016 - Part 2