• My interview with Chattanooga FC Head Coach Rod Underwood comes to a close today in part 4 of 4. Today, we get to hear Rod sharing about his personal life mission statement and how that impacts the decisions he makes — as husband, father, coach, and man. Rod shares about how his life was impacted after coaching with the Cleveland City Stars and how that led him to craft and develop a mission statement that has helped guide him as coach ever since. In addition, today, Rod plays "Crosses with Rev" on the From the Touchline podcast, as we find a fun way to wrap up the interview series. From the Touchline is a short-feature (10-15 min) podcast with Rev

    Aug 31,
  • Billy Cerveny recently announced this will be his final season serving as the Chaplain for Nashville SC. Billy has served NSC since the fall of 2017, prior to their inaugural season, so this will be a big change for the club and for him. During this time he has cared for players, coaches, staff, families. He has lead Bible studies and chapels, prayed with players, officiated wedding, visited hospitals, welcomed new players and helped others say goodbye. We are thankful for his time with the team and know the Lord is in the midst of this transition. It’s hard to overstate the blessing it has been to be a part of Nashville SC. The players, coaches, and staff are people

    Aug 30,
  • As Head Coach of Chattanooga FC (NISA), Rod Underwood, has had quite a journey in coming to lead the team this past year. Last week's podcast we learned about some of the ups and downs of being in football, including being out of the professional coaching side of the game from few years and really searching for that next opportunity. Today, on the Soccer Chaplains United podcast, From the Touchline, in part three of our four part series, Rod shares about the culmination of his playing and coaching and how that comes to bear on the locker room that he currently leads with CFC. More than just formation and tactics, Rod is concerned with building and shaping culture — and

    Aug 24,
  • Rod Underwood, former professional soccer player and current head coach of Chattanooga FC (NISA) joins the podcast today to share more about his life in soccer and his development as a coach for the beautiful game. Today, on the Soccer Chaplains United podcast, From the Touchline, in part two of a four part series, Rod shares about his transition from being a professional player to becoming coach. He shares about the major influencers and friendships he has developed in the coaching ranks and his particular philosophy and style which he has adopted tactically, as coach. From the Touchline is a short-feature (10-15 min) podcast with Rev Brad Kenney, Founder and Executive Director of Soccer Chaplains United and Volunteer Chaplain to

    Aug 17,
  • If you're in the Mountain or Pacific timezone, than it's likely that next Sunday you will be sleeping when I am presenting at the 3rd Global Congress on Christianity and Sport. At least from the initial schedule of speakers, the session time slot for my presentation will be 11:30 am Cambridge time (4:30 am for my wife and children), Sunday, August 21. My presentation? The Sports Chaplain as Captive: Issues of Pay and the Differences Between Preaching and Peddling the Gospel. What can I say, I like long titles... It's with some mixed feelings, if I am honest, that I look forward to next week's session. It's at the end of the congress (will people stick around or will they

    Aug 14,

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