• For Pastor Stephen Morefield and Christ Covenant EPC, the landscape of Leoti, KS is rapidly changing. While still an agrarian-driven community, there is an increasing need for adaptation and community building as the cultural landscape begins to shift with a sharp growth in the Hispanic community that has now become a vital part of the American farming scene. For Pastor Morefield, this means helping a once anglo-congregation start to embrace and connect in new ways with many of their new neighbors. Pastor Morefield shares his hope and vision, Our small community is just beginning to realize that it needs to provide culture-appropriate sports opportunities to our youth who are increasingly Hispanic. One of the ways that Pastor Morefield hopes to

    May 14,
  • For the better part of this summer, Valor Christian High School Spanish teacher Danny Brooks will lead a team of 15 students to Guatemala to reach individuals and entire communities with the Gospel. The Valor team returns to work with Vida Abundante Church in the impoverished areas of Zacapa, Guatemala and will look to use futból (soccer) as an instrument to reach out to children and teens of various villages. Brooks and his team of students will look to engage communities to come out and play soccer with and use this community building time as a platform for sharing the Gospel and connecting them with the local church. Timothy Project: Valor Guatemala 2015 Goals Brooks and his team are requesting EvangeBalls to share the Gospel and will leave behind

    May 07,

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