• As I recently watch a road game for the Colorado Rapids, the team was working to come from behind. Down 1 goal to 2, the team was struggling to avoid a record 10-game road stretch without a point (either a win or tie). Then in the 86th minute, with little left in the time of the game it happened: Rapids' Smith Goal As I watched the game-changing event unfold, I thought, "Good finish" and told the team as much in my weekly e-mail to them. That phrase (common amongst soccer fans) though made me stop and reflect on what it means and what it looks like to finish well. Not just by putting the ball in the back of the net on

    Sep 30,
  • No, the post title isn't a typo. For the past three seasons, Wells Thompson has played as a midfielder for the Colorado Rapids. But Thompson is not so much known for his on the field contributions (75 appearances, 40 starts, 5 goals, 4 assists), but for his work in the community and with fans. Vocal about his faith in Jesus Christ, Thompson was a player who was a regular at the team bible study (or CoreTraining) and also in living out his faith. He was the kind of person to take extra time to pack up team lunch leftovers and distribute it to the homeless living near the stadium. He made visits to the local rescue mission to play soccer

    Sep 16,
  • The recent form of the team that I serve as chaplain has been difficult to say the least. Winning the league championship in 2010 and now fighting to stay out of the bottom of the league table are two diametrically opposed extremes - and it can be very difficult to travel between the two. What does a chaplain say to players walking off the field after losing several games in a row? How does a chaplain encourage others who cannot find their way onto the field or bench, even when the results still seem to go the wrong way? How does the chaplain encourage the coaching staff and front office staff who work very hard behind the scenes and become

    Sep 09,
  • Just a couple weeks ago, the third Timothy Project recipient for 2012 hosted its summer camp outreach to those in the Glenbrook community in southwest Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Of the 83 children in attendance, the church (Christian Life Assembly) was able to sponsor 58. Through the Timothy Project, CrossTraining helped to sponsor 4. According to Wendy Aston, all the campers seemed to have a good time and were inspired and challenged by the devotionals offered daily during the soccer camp. The church is already seeing 2 new families beginning to attend on Sundays. The area of Calgary where the church and camp are based is very diverse with many different nationalities and social and economic backgrounds. One neat story was when the mother

    Sep 06,

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