• Highline Community Church (HCC) is partnering with Soccer Chaplains United again! HCC, originally partnered with us from 2017 - 2020. At the time, HCC was the third church partner in our history. HCC provided monthly financial support during those years to help advance the work and mission of the ministry. Additionally, the church would feature the work and ministry of Soccer Chaplains United in its local missions moments — including a few Sunday morning introductions. A few months ago, as I was anticipating some life changes for me and my family (namely high school graduation and needing an extra living space in our home), I spoke with Brian Gawf (Pastor of HCC) about whether the church might have an extra

    May 31,
  • It has been a few years since members of Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church were able to go and serve in Ethiopia. This year, a team of 14 will traveling to help Hope for the Fatherless (HFTF). HFTF is a ministry that helps orphaned and vulnerable children. The ministry, led by Belay T. Gebru, focuses on building and finding Christ-centered homes for children in Ethiopia. The CCPC team is going for a couple weeks to provide respite and relief for the HFTF workers. The team, comprised of a couple of families and other church members, will run a Vacation Bible School (VBS) program for the children, giving the staff a few days off to take a rest. In addition to the

    May 26,
  • The villainous Rupert Manion seems like he's gotten away with murder, yet again. The swaggering millionaire appears to be the hero as he pulls out a check for 1 million pounds to help the charity benefit achieve its goals — does anyone see him for who he truly is? Lasso, does. In today's "Lessons from Lasso," we talk about what it means to see people as they really are and the double edge of not judging books by their covers. For me, this is so much the work of a chaplain and pastor — is learning to read the living human documents that God puts before our very eyes. And Jesus of Nazareth was best, hands down, at seeing and reading

    May 25,
  • Jubal McDaniel doubles as a volunteer chaplain by night, an athletic director and soccer coach and non-profit leader by day, and a host of other things in between. Recently, in a phone call with Jubal, he mentioned some work that he is resuming with taking soccer to encourage and love on refugee youth and families in Spokane, WA later this summer. Jubal and his non-profit, NW Football Ministries will partner with World Relief Spokane. World Relief is a global Christian humanitarian organization that brings sustainable solutions to the world’s greatest problems – disasters, extreme poverty, violence, oppression, and mass displacement. They partner with local churches and community leaders in the U.S. and abroad to bring hope, healing and transformation to

    May 19,
  • What the heck is an NFT? What about an NIL? Do you know? Should we care? Well, today, on the From the Touchline podcast, we dive into a new world where many things seem to be spelled out in three letters or less! For those that don't know, an NFT is a non-fungible token and NIL stands for Name, Image, and Likeness — these are two hot topics right now in sport, and especially in soccer. The two are linked and perhaps a bit infamously as there is a real lack of clarity around what these things are and how they affect people and even the game at this point. I am certainly no expert, but we need to dive

    May 18,

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