• As the United Soccer League (USL) starts to ramp up its season this weekend, soccer across North America will finally be in full-swing. The USL manages the lower divisions of professional soccer in the U.S. and Canada and has many teams in smaller cities and markets. USL-Championship is the top tier of soccer below Major League Soccer (MLS). Today, on the From the Touchline podcast, Rev Brad is joined by 5 different USL-C chaplains! Robert Briggs, chaplain of Sacramento Republic; Greg Aydt, chaplain to Memphis 901 FC; Kurt Trempert, chaplain to Colorado Springs Switchbacks; Jubal McDaniel, chaplain to the Tacoma Defiance; and Erick Jiménez, chaplain to El Paso Locomotives FC are all on the podcast. Each chaplain shares a little

    Apr 28,
  • This year, Soccer Chaplains United will participate in its first ColoradoGives Day. ColoradoGives Day is part of the ColoradoGives program sponsored by Community First Foundation. Through ColoradoGives.org donors and philanthropic-minded people can support local, Colorado-based non-profits. As a non-profit based in Colorado and supporting Coloradoans (as well as others) and after undergoing a screening process by the Community First Foundation, Soccer Chaplains United meets the requirements for program participation. Check out the Soccer Chaplains United ColoradoGives Profile PageGo There ColoradoGives Day is a special-focused day which is annually held on the second Tuesday of December (December 7, 2021). This year will mark the 11th year of the unique day which features the combined power of Community First Foundation and FirstBank

    Apr 26,
  • As the Major League Soccer (MLS) season gets underway, former defender, Jared Watts (Colorado Rapids and Houston Dynamo) joins the podcast today to talk about own goals. An own goal in soccer can be one of the most devastating things for a player to have to go through in the course of a game — especially with the stakes being high. Today, on the From the Touchline podcast, listen as Jared and I talk about own goals in soccer and in life. Jared is gracious to allow us to break down and analyze his own goal in a Colorado Rapids home game back in 2017, when he turns to pass the ball back to Goalkeeper Tim Howard, but ends up putting

    Apr 21,
  • Last week, the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) sprang back into action with the kickoff of the second annual Challenge Cup series. Major League Soccer (MLS) begins league play this weekend with its teams set to kick off across the US. With both leagues preparing to begin their respective seasons with what will, hopefully, be a bit of a return to normalcy for professional soccer in North America. Today, on the From the Touchline podcast, Rev Brad is joined by Ben Dudley, co-chaplain of the Portland Timbers and Christina Garber, chaplain to the Portland Thorns. The three Soccer Chaplains United chaplains talk about the beginning of the season, contrast things with last year, and look ahead to the season in

    Apr 14,
  • Today marks the first day of Ramadan. Ramadan is a month-long fast observed by Muslim people. It can last 29 or 30 days (dependent upon lunar calendar) and during this time, adherents of Islam abstain from food, drink, sexual intercourse, and smoking from dawn to dusk. They are also to abstain from evil intentions and actions in a way that is to promote "a life of complete submission to the will of Allah."1 In certain parts of the world, the fast of Ramadan can be difficult for those in football (soccer) to undertake especially here in the U.S. when our soccer leagues are just beginning. Sometimes the fast occurs in the middle of summer — especially difficult in places like Colorado,

    Apr 13,

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