• There will always come a point when we need to have a tough conversation with someone. How do we have the "tough talks" and the "courageous conversations" with people? How do we enter into a place with people where we can bring our best even when they are faced with their worst? In today's Lesson From Lasso, we see AFC Richmond's Roy Kent faced with a first in his career — being benched, the end of his career on the horizon. It's a tough task that Coach Lasso is largely unsuccessful at and Kili is a little better in her approach. I share from a few places in scripture that I think can help us to have the tough conversation moments

    Jan 31,
  • Lucia Eberle is half French and half Greek. She met her husband in Niger, West Africa where they served with SIM for over 25 years. Lucia and her husband (Scott) now reside in Longview, Texas and are part of Longview EPC church. Scott Eberle teaches mathematics at LeTourneau University and Lucia has been traveling back to West Africa as she continues to minister with the Dorcas Widows project in Niger, Benin and Burkina Faso. Last year, in February, Lucia visited Parakou, Benin and met a béninois, Dorothé, working in the treasury at SIM. Dorothé (pictured below) coaches’ teams of soccer with the aim to share the gospel amongst the young men that are passionate about the sport. He shared with Lucia this ministry and how he

    Jan 25,
  • Forgiveness. It's massive when we receive forgiveness for something we've said or something that we've done. It can be like a massive weight comes off of our proverbial shoulders. But how many times should we forgive a person? Once, twice, seven times? In today's Lesson From Lasso, we quickly examine a parable that Jesus told about a servant who failed to forgive. He failed to receive the forgiveness that he was granted after being forgiven a massive cancelation of debt. Instead he turned around and was vengeful and spiteful with others. It give some insight into why Ted Lasso is able to forgive Rebecca for what she's just confessed and come clean about. Listen to the podcast to find out

    Jan 24,
  • Often times we confuse a simple apology with repentance. Repentance though is a process, a journey. It involves a "re-orienting" of one's posture and position and going in the opposite (and right) direction. We see Rebecca make the long trek from her upstairs owner's office to Ted's coaching office to begin the process of apologizing and repenting. In today's Lesson From Lasso, I reference a parable that Jesus once told about two people — a tax collector and a Pharisee. You can find the story in Luke 18:9-14. this parable acts as our short lesson and illustration on the true nature of a meaningful repentance. Repentance is vital in football — we will always have those who wound and hurt

    Jan 17,
  • In today's Lesson from Lasso, we look at the work of Kili and Higgins to help Rebecca see that she needs to change. Higgins ends up quitting on the team and leaving his job. Kili, though, hard presses Rebecca to come clean to Ted Lasso. Kili's posture and push of Rebecca is commendable and a lesson actually that is encouraged for Christians. In this lesson, I encourage us to consider the moments and ways that we might need to effectively help someone to "turn" from a destructive path or from sinful or wrong behaviors. Whether you are a coach, an executive, or in a position without power and influence — we are all to work at reconciling and bringing about

    Jan 10,

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