• Mental health is a rising concern amongst athletes in the beautiful game from professional, elite levels all the way down to the youth. With the various pressures (internal and external) how can athletes today cope with everything they see and feel, especially amidst a global pandemic that has been very isolating? Today, on the From the Touchline podcast, Dr Brad Miller, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and one of four Founders of Soccer Resilience, is my guest and he shares about the work that his organization is undertaking with individual athletes and different clubs and teams around the US. We talk about the importance and value of mental health and hear a little bit of Brad's story of playing soccer as

    Sep 22,
  • Cristiano Ronaldo's return to Manchester United has started with a bang! Three goals in two games, a social and journalistic media frenzy, an all-time record for number of shirts bearing his name and number being sold and Untied fans around the world excited to see his return. Homecoming stories are some of the best stories aren't they? We see homecomings on social media and even read about them in the Bible — the return of the ark of God to the people of Israel under King David's reign brought about tremendous rejoicing. And Jesus tells us a parable (a story) of a lost son finding his way home to his father and his family after being a long way away.

    Sep 15,
  • After taking a hiatus last year due to COVID, Soccer Chaplains United chaplains and board members will have in-person (at this point in time) and virtual options for attending the Founder's Retreat in scenic, Fairplay, Colorado November 9 - 12. The team last met in 2018 when Soccer Chaplains United chaplains gathered in Fairplay, CO and went through a guided retreat entitled "7 Stories." The retreat time featured sharing meals and some fellowship times together and a deep dive into some of the personal stories that each chaplain brings with them into ministry. The Board of Directors also retreat in similar fashion in 2019. With a vision and dream session facilitated by pastoral and ministry friend Dave Meserve, the Board

    Sep 14,
  • Approximately 100 fans stayed after the Rapids drew Los Angeles Galaxy FC to a 1-1 draw on Saturday to participate in the Faith Night event. Soaring game-time temps (93° F) made for a hot afternoon; however, second-half cloud cover cooled things down to make the time enjoyable. Local worship leaders Stephen Newhall (Littleton Christian Church) and Canaan Hurst (The Sacred Grace - Englewood) kicked the event off by leading in some contemporary worship and closing with a hymn. Newhall (keyboard) and Hurst (guitar) lead in singing "Oh Praise the Name" Afterwards, I (Rev Brad) interviewed athletes from the Rapids. They shared their personal stories of faith and the impact their faith has on their football and family lives. A fun

    Sep 13,
  • The death of Afghan teenager, Zaki Anwari, as he fell from a plane while trying to escape the Taliban takeover in Kabul was saddening news as the world looked on to the despairing events of a few weeks ago. Zaki, described as a strong center back and bright student — had high hopes and aspirations and these came face to face with a grim reality as Taliban forces surged into the city of Kabul. Today, on the podcast, in a way trying to honor Zaki's memory, I wrestle with what drove Zaki to go to the airport that fateful day and what led him to hold onto that plane, although it would never have worked out the way that anyone

    Sep 08,

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