Soccer Chaplains United Team Retreat 1 Week Away

Nov 02, 2018

Above, looking down into the South Park valley in Colorado at the 2014 retreat. Soccer Chaplains United will be retreating near here for this year.

I am excited as next week, myself and team members of Soccer Chaplains United will get away for a retreat up in the mountains of Colorado. November 9, 10, and 11 — the weekend that I am tempted to call something clever like The Founder’s Retreat or Founder’s Weekend may become an annual retreat for our team. (Not me as founder, but St Martin of Tours, the founder of chaplaincy).

St Martin of Tours’ Feast Day is November 11, a fitting time for Soccer Chaplains United to get away for a time of rest, renewal, and reflection

We’ve got chaplains, counselors, and community coordinators that will be taking part in this important time of spiritual renewal as we complete a busy season of ministry and look forward to another year of serving people within the sport of soccer.

Don’t ask me if I’ve got things planned out, yet! Gulp! But I have been up the mountain before and seen the ways in which God meets his people and refreshes his servants.

The opportunity for retreat has been a gift from one of our supporters who is allowing us the use of their mountain home. This will be first “team-only” retreat for Soccer Chaplains United, and even going back into our historical days of CrossTraining, I think we’ve always had a mix of team and board. The truth is that we’ve grown too much! We can’t have both at the same time with our current resources and connections (maybe you know someone that can donate a bigger retreat space to us in the future).

I have begun putting a bit of things together just to mark our time, but I am wary — often, the Holy Spirit wants to do more or different and I’ve learned to simply just try to create space.

Please pray for our group.

Pray that we listen — to God and one another.

Pray that we hear — from God and one another.

Pray that we are replenished and renewed.

Pray for us while we are on retreat.

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