• In the Kenney household, the fifth week of the month is something special — because mom and dad are on for doing the typical household chores. Yes, each of my four girls, absolutely love when a month has a 5th week — they are jubilant and overjoyed with being able to get a "break" from loading dishes and setting table and such. Today, on the From the Touchline podcast, I reflect on where else in life and in football we might need a "5th week" — a bit of rest from the work that we typically have. I briefly touch on themes of sabbath and sabbatical, something that I have podcasted about before (see Jan 1, 2020 podcast) but also

    Sep 30,
  • Chaplains with Soccer Chaplains United recently were offered the chance to receive mental health awareness training through an opportunity created in collaboration with the Global Sports Chaplaincy Association (GSCA) and Sports Chaplaincy — UK (SCUK). SCUK National Director of Scotland, Mark Fleming, led the two-hour zoom training session which helped identified particular mental health issues that exist within professional sport and how chaplains might maintain a good level of mental health themselves and for those they serve. Mark's work in sports chaplaincy began with serving as Chaplain to Partick Thistle FC in 1998 and after nine years began gradually to source, train and appoint chaplains at other Scottish football clubs. Today, over 110 Scottish football clubs have chaplains and Mark

    Sep 25,
  • The global pandemic has impacted industries in unique and critical ways and even the work of counseling and mental health has faced new challenges. For Brooke Ewert and the counseling provided for Soccer Chaplains United and those in sport, the different aspects of social distancing, limited contact, and travel and play/performance restrictions have all created a new layer of mental health issues and challenges amongst athletes, coaches, and those in the sports industry across many different levels. For example, a chaplain recently reached out to Brooke and asked if she would be willing to meet with a professional athlete. The athlete needed support with life issues as well as setting goals for the future. Since the athlete is not in

    Sep 24,
  • Special guest and friend, Steve Guppy, who currently serves as the Nashville SC Assistant Coach and is a former winger for English Premier club Leicester City, joins me for part two of a recorded interview. I take a look at a few verses found in Isaiah 40 and ask Steve some further questions about what it's like for a footballer on the wings to go the distance in a match. Steve and I also have a bit of fun with a new game called, Crosses with Rev where we serve some questions into each other and try to stump the other and even get a bit of a laugh. Today's From the Touchline episode is part two of a recorded

    Sep 23,
  • Special guest and former England National Team and Leicester City, winger, Steve Guppy joins me today to share more about how he got into the game of football (soccer) and what it really takes to work, play hard and have success on the wings. Steve shares about his own journey including not touching a ball for two years and some of the special memories that have happened for him along the way, including being mentioned in the same sentence as David Beckham. Today's From the Touchline episode is part one of a recorded interview and Steve shares stories and memories from his playing days and beyond. Make sure that you tune in next week to hear part two of the

    Sep 16,

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