• During seminary, I recall a particular moment when I was contemplating what future ministry would look like: one scenario, meant fundraising for salary and ministry to work with the Colorado Rapids as chaplain; the other scenario, meant working and doing the chaplaincy within the "margins" of life and work. As I relayed my fear and aversion of trying to raise money to my best friend, he simply said, "Oh, you must be an Ezra." His statement caught me off-guard and I begged an elaboration. He proceeded to share that in looking at different personality types, it had been helpful for him to compare the contemporaries of Ezra and Nehemiah. Both men of God, they both made a return to Jerusalem in

    Sep 14,
  • For Ann Nerney, the trip to Juarez, Mexico in a couple of weeks will be a return to a place where she encountered God moving amongst the poor of Juarez and she is excited to go and minister there again. We all went to Juarez together to build a house for a family in 2013...When the family received the keys to the house, they were not the only ones crying with joy.  It has filled our hearts with a love of the people of Juarez and gives us a reality of how God blesses each of our lives. With Juarez being one of the most severely depressed and impoverished areas so close to the United States, the impact of seeing

    Sep 11,
  • The evangelist, D.L. Moody once said, "Character is what you are in the dark." Who are we when no one is looking? Who are we when no one is around? Perhaps, for the professional athlete, this question seems irrelevant - much of the professional life is spent in front of cameras, events and comments are captured by smartphones, minutia is tweeted, facebooked, instagrammed and more.  Is there any dark in an athletes' life? Is there any moment when the crowds or coaches, family or friends aren't watching? Well, regardless if we are professional athletes or have another vocational capacity there are no moments when we are ever truly alone or unseen. Proverbs 15:3 tells us, The eyes of the LORD are everywhere,

    Sep 07,

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