• Tomorrow, December 1 is known as Giving Tuesday in the U.S. It is a time of special emphasis for non-profit and charitable giving which helps groups and organizations like Soccer Chaplains United as they come to year-end. Giving through groups like Facebook (link to our Facebook Page) sometimes can even receive a match if certain conditions are met — for example, gifts made starting at 8:00 am Eastern (6:00 am Mountain) are matched up to $7 million by Facebook's charitable arm. Because Soccer Chaplains United is based in Colorado, next year we hope to participate in ColoradoGives Day (usually the second Tuesday of December) and also has incentivized matches and other opportunities to grow donations. Of course, monthly, recurring giving through

    Nov 30,
  • Of the three Major League Soccer (MLS) teams which have Soccer Chaplains United chaplains serving and supporting the organizations, only one team has pulled through the first round of the 2020 MLS playoffs. Nashville SC, a new, expansion team for 2020 won their first round playoff match last night to advance to the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Columbus Crew. Colorado Rapids the #5 seed in the Western Conference, on Sunday, lost 3-0 in an away trip against #4 seed, Minnesota United. The team started brightly, and looks dominate in many parts of the game, but ultimately injuries and lineup changes led to a few inconsistencies and unfinished chances and the Rapids quickly exited after having last been in the

    Nov 25,
  • 2020, unlike any other year in recent memory may prove to be the most difficult one yet to find much to give thanks for. But as we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S., we all might just need a little extra encouragement and help in just how to give thanks and some ideas of what to give thanks for. Today, on the From the Touchline podcast, I share three practices that can help shape our understanding and orient us toward a better posture of giving thanks — even when we are facing scarcity. Scripture references from today's episode include: I Thessalonians 5:16-18Psalm 136Mark 6:30-44 From the Touchline is a short-feature (usually 10-15 min) podcast with Rev Brad Kenney,

    Nov 25,
  • I had the privilege last week to speak with students at Denver Seminary, my alma mater, and share about my work in sport chaplaincy. The course, Many Faces of Chaplaincy, is part of the core curriculum base for those studying chaplaincy — whether in the Master of Divinity track or the seminary's Chaplaincy Certificate Program. For me, sometimes the class can be a great opportunity to see the growth of chaplaincy and some have even been curious enough to look more into serving as a chaplain in sport, and even with Soccer Chaplains United. Most students are looking into military or hospital/healthcare chaplaincy opportunities. Myself, and three other presenters, joined Prof Dr. Jan McCormack (top left) and about 18 students

    Nov 24,
  • We all need good news from time to time. Now, SmileAmazon is available in the Amazon App — so it's really convenient for people to support Soccer Chaplains United with all their ways of purchasing things on SmileAmazon. You no longer need to make the purchase only on a laptop or tablet, you can use the app on your phone! Do you buy things on Amazon? Follow these steps below: Switch over to SmileAmazon.org.Select Soccer Chaplains United (Denver) Purchase your items* *A small percentage of your purchase will be donated to Soccer Chaplains United. You can also access our Charity Lists via the app. Thanks for considering and supporting Soccer Chaplains United this way! Soccer Chaplains United is non-profit, 501(c)3

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