Plan on Giving During Giving Tuesday?

Nov 30, 2020

Tomorrow, December 1 is known as Giving Tuesday in the U.S. It is a time of special emphasis for non-profit and charitable giving which helps groups and organizations like Soccer Chaplains United as they come to year-end.

Giving through groups like Facebook (link to our Facebook Page) sometimes can even receive a match if certain conditions are met — for example, gifts made starting at 8:00 am Eastern (6:00 am Mountain) are matched up to $7 million by Facebook’s charitable arm.

Because Soccer Chaplains United is based in Colorado, next year we hope to participate in ColoradoGives Day (usually the second Tuesday of December) and also has incentivized matches and other opportunities to grow donations.

Of course, monthly, recurring giving through the mail or PushPay (link to PushPay donations) is perhaps our most preferred method of support as it helps us determine our annual budget and stay debt free in our ministry.

The great thing about Soccer Chaplains United is that when someone donates — you are actually a part of the team. Donations don’t go to cover some big building somewhere or pay exorbitant salaries, and a portion of each donation gets sent out into the far-reaches of the earth through our Community Projects.

We’d like to thank you for considering giving to Soccer Chaplains United during this season. Have a wonderful Advent and finish 2020 strong!

Soccer Chaplains United is non-profit, 501(c)3 and depends upon the financial support of individual donors and church partners to carry out our work of chaplaincy service across all levels of soccer. Our chaplains are not employed or paid by any of the clubs that we serve. Simply click the PushPay (the big P or give tab) link below to make a secure, online, tax-deductible gift, or mail a donation to Soccer Chaplains United, PO Box 102081, Denver, CO 80250.

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