Runyan Resigns

Sep 10, 2019

Nicholas Runyan, a counselor with Soccer Chaplains United, has announced his resignation after serving for one year. His service was marked by offering counseling especially for the young athletes and their families in the Developmental Academy and others within the Colorado Rapids organization and several area youth club players.

Runyan wrote,

Thank you for the opportunity to join your team and for including me to serve the Rapids and other local soccer organizations. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to work more closely with and support the Rapids organization.

Nicholas Runyan, Counselor

Runyan leaves with a need to consolidate his extra commitments. The additional time will allow him to offer more availability as he looks to grow his private practice.

Soccer Chaplains United continues to seek to grow and add chaplains and counselors to its group to serve all levels of soccer. If you or someone you know might be an interested and a qualified candidate, please email us at

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