Dragovich Steps Down

Feb 25, 2020

Yesterday, Darren Dragovich announced he would not seek to renew his term on the Soccer Chaplains United Board of Directors. For the past four years, Darren has brought a lot to the board. With his initial start in 2016, he helped to facilitate a church partnership conversation with Cherry Creek Presbyterian and a meeting with the church’s missions committee. Darren’s background with FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and CGF (College Golf Fellowship) also lent invaluable experience to the ministry during a time of important transition and change.

Darren shares his personal story of how a chaplain impacted him in college

I have thoroughly enjoyed serving on the Board since 2015, and remain in complete support of Soccer Chaplains United and its mission.

Darren Dragovich, former Secretary of the Board of Directors, Soccer Chaplains United

It was during Darren’s tenure that Soccer Chaplains United underwent a name change and rebranding. Additionally, Darren’s skill and knowledge pertaining to legal matters and as General Counsel at Western Union has helped provide good insight as the ministry has moved forward into the years following its rebrand.

Darren prepares an impromptu drum roll at the unveiling party for Soccer Chaplains United

The funny part is that the applicant was someone I know. The convergent worship leader at the church my family worships at, Cherry Creek Presbyterian, and a church partner with Soccer Chaplains United. What’s even more funny is that I had asked the missions director and executive pastor if they knew of anyone in the church that might assist us.

Darren and I visit with a team before praying over a Community Project donation in 2018 headed to Juarez, Mexico with church partner Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church

Darren recently joined another non-profit board and between his work, church, and family commitments, he felt that now was the time to consolidate his extra commitments.

I am incredibly grateful to Darren for his time these past four years and his commitment to continue to support me, and Soccer Chaplains United, going forward. We pray a tremendous blessing on Darren, his family, his work, and on all that God has in store for Darren in the years to come. Thank you, Darren!

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