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Coming back from Cambodia


This past Sunday, I got to catch up with Larry and Micah Koorneef, a week from being back from Cambodia. Jet-lag over, they expressed gratefulness for the soccer balls and shirts that they were able to take over to the orphans in Cambodia. They also enjoyed meeting Setan Lee and observing and working alongside him and his ministry TransformAsia. Micah even became the new drone pilot for Setan as he video recorded the different facilities and work for the ministry!

Micah, made a travel journal during his trip. Here is the entry from the day that they handed out gear to the children at the orphanage:

Day 7: Today is Monday. The kids are clingy and won’t stop touching you–very tiring but so fun. They really like to “pet” my dad because he has hairy legs, face, neck, and arms. The kids love to hug and play physical games even when they are completely drenched with sweat. I have never sweat as much in my life as I have this trip.

I am really enjoying playing with the younger kids here. We also went to the farm that is part of the ministry and provides food for the David’s Center. I learned and saw a lot. I got to teach the kids about David and Goliath. Setan translated and then I had the kids act out the story. It was great!

Oh, and today we got to share some of the Rapids’ gear that we packed. The shirts were large on the kids, but it was fun to share. I think they will end up being re-gifted to the older kids and staff who will enjoy them more. That’s ok because we did bring some other clothes that will fit the younger ones better. They use a lot of clothes each day because they sweat so much!

Micah Koorneef
Micah hands out shorts and t-shirts from the Rapids to the children at David’s Orphanage, part of the TransForm Asia work in Cambodia.

During the trip, both Micah and his father, watched and played with the kids games and sports. Soccer and volleyball are favorites among the children. Some additional photos from the trip are below:

A brand new, one-world play ball sees its first use and action

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