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Boots for Xolani and eSwatini

xolani from eswatini

Soccer Chaplains United, is is pleased to support another project and team headed to eSwatini. eSwatini, formerly known as Swaziland was renamed by the king in honor of the 50th anniversary of gaining independence.

Headed to eSwatini is a team from Mountain Springs Church in Colorado Springs in coordination with Beyond Survival.  The team will feature Soccer Chaplains United’s own, Cory Jones, who serves as a community coordinator in the Colorado Springs area.

Development of key relationships has been happening for the last number of years and Cory and the team from Colorado Springs have a good relationship with Xolani Moyo, who started a sports ministry that has now blossomed into a few teams.  The motto is “Sport.  Faith.  Future.” noting that soccer is an avenue to reaching souls and providing hope and a future.  Xolani now leads a team of soccer coaches and sports ministry personnel.

Xolani and his sports ministry

This year, Xolani has specifically requested soccer cleats (boots, as they are known around the world) to outfit one of his teams. His initial request asked for 10 pairs, stating that two teams could share the shoes. Xolani continues to grow his soccer ministry within Eswatini and is continuing to work at having players in his program be able to play for a semi-pro league and potentially connect one of his teams to them. 

His love for the game and seeing lives changed through soccer is evident

Cory Jones, Soccer Chaplains United Community Coordinator

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