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December for footballers in the US is often the time to have that off-season surgery that has been put off. It’s also a time when other folks, too, are looking to get that surgery now that the insurance deductible for the year has been met. It can be a difficult time filled with uncertainty and long, painful hours leading up to and after a physical repair.

In today’s From the Touchline episode, Rev Brad looks at biblical reference to a healing remedy during Bible times while reflecting on the balance between trusting in God for healing and relying on the wisdom, skill, and knowledge of the medical profession.

Notables mentioned in today’s podcast:

— Scripture: Jeremiah 8:22, NIV; Psalm 139, NIV (inspiration for the prayer)

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From the Touchline is a short-feature (usually 10-12 min) podcast with Rev Brad Kenney, Founder and Executive Director of Soccer Chaplains United and Volunteer Chaplain to the Colorado Rapids of Major League Soccer. Rev Brad and occasional guests touch on various issues around the topics of faith, family, and football (soccer).

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