Highline Shares Some Surplus

Jul 16, 2018

It was a tough Thursday morning. Our board conference call the night before hadn’t gone as well as I had hoped. Technical difficulties. A warm summer evening. And then the financial news. A mid-year shortfall due to our quickening pace of growth. I left feeling a bit discouraged.

The next day, a meeting with church partner, Highline Community Church and a representative from the Missions Committee. I wasn’t sure what the meeting was about. Would the church end their financial support? Were they looking for an update? What encouraging news could I give them especially with last night’s call?

I grumbled a bit as I plugged a few coins into the parking meter. Why are we meeting here? There goes more shortfall…quarter by quarter. Hopefully, an hour and 15 is good enough. As I sat waiting, I just prayed. I was tired.

Then Evan walked in. He offered to buy lunch. We sat to eat.

Brad, I just want to know about Soccer Chaplains United…

I began to share. Defaulted to the “shortened version.” He stopped me.

No, I want to hear the whole thing. How did you get here? What was CrossTraining? How did you get to Soccer Chaplains United? What all do you do? How does it work? Everything?

Everything? Rarely, do people listen. Rarely, do people give you that much time to tell your story. But there was Evan with a notebook and pen and taking some notes, asking questions, really wanting to learn about our story, our mission, our vision.

I felt lighter. I felt lifted. I had to excuse myself to go put more quarters in the parking meter.

Then Evan shared the reason for the meeting.

Highline has some surplus in the missions budget. We want to visit with all the missionaries and groups we have been supporting and see how they are doing. No promises, but we want to see if we can be more of a blessing.

I choked back some tears. It was enough of a gift to just have someone who would listen.

Long story short, I received an email this morning from Pastor Dave Meserve at Highline…

Morning young Rev! Did you skip church to see France win the World Cup?  Just checkin’…I’m actually writing to let you know that our Missions Committee met…and we would like to help fund the Timothy Project.  I wish it could be more but we have a check…to send in.

Friends, I continue to see God work in amazing ways and in His perfect timing. His provision for His work. And so, we carry on. We continue to follow the faithful call that we have received and we know that He will provide faithful (even when we are not, or we are a bit grumbly).

We would love to see you partner, too, with us in this work. If you feel led, please consider making a gift via PushPay, text SoccerChaplains to 77977 or sending a gift to: Soccer Chaplains United, PO Box 102081, Denver, CO 80250. Your gift is tax-deductible.

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