• As we continue with our Lessons from Lasso series, one of the first changes Coach Lasso brings to the fictitious AFC Richmond, is a slight modification to the locker room decor. If you have never been in a locker room for a professional team (I have been invited in, as a guest at times) — there is something special and sacred about the space. Even coaches and managers will try to preserve something of an "athlete" only integrity for this room whereby a collection of individuals assembles and readies themselves for the challenges of the game, the season, and all that it entails. But Lasso adds a something keenly important to the room on day one — a simple, hand-scribed,

    Jun 30,
  • In the beginning of June, our online donation vehicle system, PushPay, made us aware of a pending change for the text-to-donate program. Anticipating that major wireless carriers were planning to phase out shared short codes for all text messaging providers as soon as June 1, 2021. This means that the 77977 short code, used to send text messages for giving and app keywords, for Soccer Chaplains United may begin to be impacted. Pushpay announced plans to support the 77977 as long as carriers allow, however, their research suggests that shared short code usage will eventually be replaced in favor of a more reliable and secure text messaging service. Because of this, PushPay has provided a new unique 10-digit number for

    Jun 28,
  • Jordan Medas is a pastor. Jordan Medas is a bass player. Jordan Medas loves soccer. But more importantly, Jordan Medas (MEE-das) loves people and he loves to serve them — and he begins his tenure with Soccer Chaplains United poised and posed to do exactly that — to love people, especially people in soccer. Medas has recently joined Soccer Chaplains United and will be serving as chaplain to different soccer teams and communities represented in the Central Virginia region — where he and his family live, work, play, and call home. You can read more on his bio page here. Jordan, Associate Pastor at The Lake of the Woods Church, has been serving the Young Families and newly formed Online

    Jun 28,
  • Soccer Chaplains United is excited about the 3rd Global Congress on Sport and Christianity that will be hosted by Ridley Hall Cambridge, UK between 18th and 21st August 2022. The inaugural congress was held in York, England in 2016 and was the springboard for many different things for Soccer Chaplains United — including the rebranding of the ministry. The Sport.Faith.Life group has captured some highlights of the 2016 conference (photos and keynote speakers and topics) as well as the 2019 conference held at Calvin University, in Michigan (photos, videos and other highlights). I have had the privilege of delivering some breakout presentations at each global congress including the following topics: Foundations of Pastoral Care: Recovering the Spirit of Chaplaincy in Professional Sport This presentation will look at the

    Jun 24,
  • We all need a companion, partner in life. For Coach Ted Lasso and his new coaching adventure in English football (soccer) at AFC Richmond, that person is Coach 'Beard.' In an early moment of solidarity we see Coach Lasso and Coach Beard push their desks together before beginning the work of coaching the team. Whom do you have in life who is someone who has 'pushed their desk' together with you? Ted Lasso, the new and immensely popular streaming TV show on Apple TV+ features the antics and quirky, 'Ted Lasso' character brought to life in his own TV show series. Lasso first appeared a number of years ago as a comedic character as NBC purchased the broadcast rights to

    Jun 23,

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