• Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church recently returned from their time serving in Juarez, Mexico. On their latest trip they took a number of One World Play soccer balls. And recently sent some feedback to CrossTraining on this hybrid soccer ball. Namely, that the balls seem to work against the "goat heads" thorns that would normally puncture a normal soccer ball. They're great for the kids! In this environment, it's held up remarkably well. There are lots of "goat heads" here - which are like the prickly sticker weed things - and the ball has been covered in them...we just brush them off and keep going. [Our leader] thinks a regular ball would be flat by now. When you make a financial contribution to

    Nov 24,
  • This December, Athletes in Action (AIA) and a team of professional soccer players will travel on a soccer clinic and coaching and outreach trip to North Africa. The Timothy Project: AIA North Africa 2016 will feature Major League Soccer (MLS) and the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) players. With both men's and women's leagues gaining international notoriety and with several of the athletes now in the offseason, they will headline the team headed up by AIA. The team will look to serve and minister to youth in several different North African cities through the sport of soccer. In what has become a long-standing tradition, AIA has led multiple off-season sports ministry tours utilizing staff and pro athletes for outreach. AIA leaders are looking forward to the trip

    Nov 17,
  • Last week we shared about CrossTraining's gift to His Little Feet international choir when they were on tour this past summer. Now, in the Timothy Project: His Little Feet 2016 - Part 2 we share the rest of the story. Driving away after giving brand new jerseys to the boys int eh choir, CrossTraining's Executive Director, Rev. Brad Kenney, had his two older girls ask, "Dad, what about the girls?" The international choir featured 10 boys and nearly as many girls - all from different walks and backgrounds. "Well, I asked their tour director about it and he didn't think that the girls would want soccer jerseys." "But dad, they looked like they would have liked to receive something, too."  was the earnest plea

    Nov 10,
  • Not all Timothy Projects are about going overseas. Sometimes its about those who come to the U.S. Timothy Project: His Little Feet 2016 - Part 1 is one of those stories. This past summer the international choir, His Little Feet, came to Denver, Colorado on tour. When CrossTraining Executive Director, Rev. Brad Kenney, heard their music and listened to their stories he felt touched - that maybe for these children many of whom were orphans and hoping for adoption might enjoy a special gift. Many of the children in the choir have had significant losses - their parents, their homes, their families. They live with virtually nothing compared to those of us in the U.S. And so, after hearing them in

    Nov 03,

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