• The MLS Next Pro regular season has come to a close and today, on the podcast, I am joined by Jubal McDaniel (Tacoma Defiance) and Kevin Hasenack (Colorado Rapids 2). We take a look back at the 2023 season and look ahead to the playoffs. The chaplains share some of the highlights and challenges from the year and how they think it might end up for their teams. We all finish with a time of prayer for the MLS Next Pro teams as the get started this next week on the playoffs. Please note: this podcast was recorded before the actual selection stage. MLS Next Pro teams are able to choose their opponents with a high enough seed. From the

    Sep 27,
  • For Felipe Olavarría, sports have always been an important part of life. As a young man, he found that basketball was a game where he could compete and a game that he really enjoyed. In addition to playing fútbol in his native Chile, where he was born and raised, basketball was a massive part of his story. In the midst of his semi-pro, traveling time with the team he got invited to church, it changed his life and it changed the place he gave sport in his life. I came to faith in Jesus at a time in my life when I was a part of semi-professional basketball team in Chile. I spent my last two years with the team

    Sep 25,
  • In a new series entitled, The Technical Area, Rev Brad shares some specific applications for certain biblical passages that help apply faith to football in simple, practical ways. Today's lesson, is on Luke 13:6-9. Here, Jesus shares a parable with his disciples and thousands of others crowded around. Contextually, he's relating this into repentance and getting relationships right. The parable that Jesus shares has some practical applications as we sometime will have to deal with damaged, diseased, or dying kinds of relationships in our lives — whether on the pitch, in the locker room, or at home. In this episode, Working on Flourishing, Rev Brad shares some insights for the text that he often shares with people in soccer as

    Sep 20,
  • In this installment of our Lessons from Lasso series, we see Coach Lasso taking on Rupert Manion in a game of darts at the local pub. At stake? The ability to set the lineup if Manion wins or staying away from the owners box if Lasso wins. Just before his last throws and eventual win, he tells a story of a quote he came across, "Be curious, not judgmental." But as Christians, aren't we supposed to be just a little judgmental? In this lesson, I take a look at how Christians need to balance curiosity and judgement. I Corinthians 5:12-13 and the apostle Paul help gives us a framework for learning how and when we ought to judge as Christians.

    Sep 13,
  • Season 1, Episode 8 and our 54th Lesson from Lasso, we examine our good friend, Danny Rojas. His positive, bubbly spirit is infectious and he has just shared with Kili that he wants to get into business giving away joy for free. Seem impossible? For some yes, but for those that follow Jesus, joy is part of our experience, even in times of difficulty. Jesus promises his joy — a complete joy coming into the lives of his followers and friends as they stay rooted and connected into Jesus and his love. Joy is something, too, that God experiences. Listen to the podcast today, to learn more about getting into business with joy. Ted Lasso, the immensely popular streaming TV

    Sep 06,

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