• As a chaplain and minister, much of how I see and understand the world relates to Divine Providence, sometimes known in theological circles as the sovereignty of God. It happens when someone loses their job, only to find a better one some time later. It happens when a player is out of contract, but ends up discovering an opportunity that otherwise would not have been open to them. It can occur when one substitution on the pitch provides the game-winning goal or assist. The sovereignty of God has long been the subject of debate (amongst Christians) - not so much whether God is sovereign, but to what extent does His sovereignty extend into the affairs of humankind? Divine Providence or Human

    Dec 28,
  • Meet Stephane Guillaume. This tall, speedy striker hails from the country of Haiti and was part of the Colorado Rapids during the 2005 season. He currently plays for the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, but his heart is always thinking back to home and to the children that are growing up with a love of football - much like he did as a child. That is why he started the Stephane Guillaume Academy. Stephane Guillaume Academy Guillaume runs a soccer academy for kids in his home town of St-Marc, Haiti. At any given time, there are as many as 90 children that are involved with training in the Stephane Guillaume Academy every week. As Guillaume continues to play in the United States, he is always

    Dec 25,
  • We discover the shepherds of Advent in Luke 2:8-20. You will recall that Advent has to do with waiting; Advent has to do with living in expectancy. And, as the shepherds of Advent journey to the creche at Christmas their hearts are filled with awe and wonder. The shepherd's story has long captured the imagination of many throughout the years - whether in church Christmas plays and dramas with young kids hitting each other with paper staffs or in the professionally-made films and productions with robed and burly-looking men playing the part. Who were these men, these boys (perhaps), who were visited by an angelic messenger, serenaded by a host of angels, and sent on their way to discover a baby in a

    Dec 21,
  • Key themes for the Advent season include expectancy and expectations. Mario Albertinelli's The Visitation captures the one and leads us to reflect on the other. As you observe Mary and Elizabeth, in this poignant depiction of the narrative found in Luke 1 - perhaps you can anticipate the senses of expectancy and expectation that both women carry. Reflections on Mary and Elizabeth Consider, that both women are pregnant for the first time - Mary in her young age as a virgin and Elizabeth in her old age as one who has been barren. Both women have been divinely told that they will have sons. Both women have been given a glimpse of their son's future. Both women are alone - Mary

    Dec 14,
  • We are currently in the season of the year, known to Christians as Advent. Advent precedes Christmas and in earlier years it was celebrated as the 40 days before Christmas. Now, the season is typically observed beginning the four Sundays before Christmas. But the meaning of Advent has remained the same throughout the years - it is a time of preparation for the coming of the King. Perhaps, the theme phrase of the season can best be summed in the words of John the Baptist as he echoes the ancient prophet Isaiah, I will send my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way - a voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord,

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