• The odds are not in their favor. The team is not favored to win and there are doubts of them even making the playoffs. According to one site, the Rapids have a 4.2% chance of winning the Major League Soccer Cup at this point right now. The same might have been said of the 2010 side that won it all and took home the league's most prized trophy - they weren't supposed to win. Some say that side received the "luck of the draw." Other bemoan the league's constant change of decisions with playoff formats that allowed the Rapids to gain the final through the Eastern Conference playoffs (although they weren't the only team from the west to do so).

    Aug 25,
  • It seems (and has been) months since last writing. The long dark tunnel of work towards ordination has consumed my extra time and in making choices I have tried to make conscious decisions about "people over paper" - a clever phrase my best mate and I used during our seminary years to help keep priorities in check. I am currently ordained and have been for the last 2 years with the Evangelical Church Alliance. The ECA has faithfully maintained my credentials both as an ordained minister and as a licensed pastor since 2005, and fills an important need for credentialing chaplains and people in ministry who have non-denominational or small organizations without ordaining and licensing functions. I have not been

    Aug 18,

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