• A number of results this past Wednesday night solidified the playoff destinies of teams where Soccer Chaplains United chaplains are serving. In Major League Soccer, while my own Colorado Rapids lost to league-leading New England, Ben Dudley and Troy Ready's Portland Timbers won 2-0 to clinch a spot. In the Eastern Conference Billy Cerveny's Nashville SC won with a thrilling come-from-behind victory over Cincinnati to clinch a playoff place with a few games in the season remaining. In the National Women's League, Christina Garber's Portland Thorns clinched the league shield (most points in the season) and will have the top seed for postseason play. In the United Soccer League Championship, Soccer Chaplains United chaplains are serving six different teams. In

    Oct 29,
  • "It's a good tired" I shared with a friend who asked about the recent family mission trip to Juárez, Mexico. Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, one of the sponsoring churches of Soccer Chaplains United, and the church where my family and I worship and are members, completed what is thought to be the 30th year of ministry and mission with Pastor Jorge Mata and his church, Iglesia Maranatha Presbiteriana. The church, just a stone's throw across the US border, has endured many struggles during the COVID pandemic — spiritually, emotionally, economically, and more. The family mission trip involves a week-long stay on the church grounds and various work projects and Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs for the neighborhood children, some of

    Oct 28,
  • How well do you receive forgiveness? How easy is it for you to move on from a mistake or critical error as a footballer or coach? Have you developed any particular memory habits or routines and rhythms to help you overcome and achieve? Well, today we consider Coach Lasso's words to defender Sam Obisanya — "Be a Goldfish!" Ted Lasso, the immensely popular streaming TV show in its second season on Apple TV+ features the antics and quirky, 'Ted Lasso' character brought to life in his own TV show series. Lasso first appeared a number of years ago as a comedic character as NBC purchased the broadcast rights to the English Premier League. Played by Jason Sudeikis, Lasso (as a

    Oct 27,
  • Former professional footballer, now-turned chaplain and soccer ministry leader, Jorge Vallejo and his Upper90 Ministry have announced plans for their 2021 soccer ministry trip to Honduras. The team will get set to leave for San Pedro Sula from Atlanta this December to spend a week playing competitive soccer, hosting soccer clinics, and other holistic community development and outreach moments to at-risk children, orphans, local churches and many schools and soccer clubs. Jorge Vallejo and wife, Brittany, being honored during this year's Hispanic Heritage Month for his work in the community. Jorge, a long-time Atlanta resident, is a former professional soccer player who played in Bogota, Columbia for many years before coming to the US. In addition to serving as a

    Oct 26,
  • New things often have a different language, different words, and other little nuances that may or may not be easily know or readily understood — what are the vernacular differences that you've experienced? Even American English isn't the same as British English! And in the game of football, there are many different words and phrases and sayings that can be hard to understand — the same could be said for the Christian faith, as well. There is theological language, religious language — and if you've not grown up in it or been taught it, it might be really tough to understand. Ted Lasso, the immensely popular streaming TV show in its second season on Apple TV+ features the antics and quirky, 'Ted Lasso'

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