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Juggling Juárez — Cherry Creek Presbyterian Returns from Week-long Mission

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“It’s a good tired” I shared with a friend who asked about the recent family mission trip to Juárez, Mexico. Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, one of the sponsoring churches of Soccer Chaplains United, and the church where my family and I worship and are members, completed what is thought to be the 30th year of ministry and mission with Pastor Jorge Mata and his church, Iglesia Maranatha Presbiteriana. The church, just a stone’s throw across the US border, has endured many struggles during the COVID pandemic — spiritually, emotionally, economically, and more.

The family mission trip involves a week-long stay on the church grounds and various work projects and Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs for the neighborhood children, some of whom are extremely poor. This year’s team of 18 adults and youth, spent time working, serving, and worshipping with the church — something which was not able to happen in 2020 due to the state of the global pandemic and the closing of the US/Mexico border.

On Sunday, church members play fútbol with team members at a local park.

The border still remains closed today for “non-essential” travel. This has greatly impacted many of the church members and the neighborhood, as many of the women worked in El Paso cleaning homes and doing other work on a daily and semi-regular way. The economic impact has been severely felt amongst many of the families living in the neighborhood area of the church — and so, the visit of Cherry Creek after last year’s absence, has brought much encouragement to the church members and to Pastor Jorge. He shared the day after our departure:

Hoping that your return trip has been good and that you are all already resting. Yesterday and today we were working a little, trying to finish the projects. The Church is very lively, you coming did us a lot of good. Our Lord bless you, and again thank you very much!!

Pastor Jorge Mata

In addition to sharing some of the soccer gear through Soccer Chaplains United, the team also took the VBS program and soccer gear to an orphanage in Juárez where several Mexican and immigrant children were living. In spite of a short time, the children at the orphanage quickly warmed to the team and appreciated the special day with the visit which included songs and skits in Spanish and later, the orphanage directors handing out the special jerseys to the children.

Handing out soccer jerseys to the children of Juárez.
Boys play soccer on the concrete courtyard between the church and community building sporting brand new Colorado Rapids jerseys.

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