• For the Christian athlete, sometimes questions can arise around the morals and ethics that we find in the midst of the Beautiful Game and in sport, in general. Is competition good? Is it healthy? Is it right? There is a historic tension at times felt and perceived between one's faith and the competitive nature that we find at work in the game of football. Today, on the From the Touchline podcast, I briefly examine the spirit of competition and offer, what I believe to be a few benefits the can be derived from a healthy spirit of competition — both for the individual and for a team. Scripture references from today's episode is linked below : Proverbs 27:17Philippians 1:18Hebrews 10:24

    Oct 28,
  • This month, I have been writing a couple features for the chaplains that are support raising through Soccer Chaplains United. Some chaplains are raising expenditures, some raise a small stipend and expenses, and others (like myself) raise their salary along with their expenses. It feels weird to write about myself — not to toot my own horn, but someone recently asked, "How is your own support raising?" I often lump in my own needs into the overall organization and try not to make it a lot about myself, but since leaving full-time work in the church a number of years ago, my family is quite dependent on my work and my fundraising efforts, as well. With that in mind, I

    Oct 27,
  • We recently received a notification from Amazon that the public charity lists for Soccer Chaplains United had a defect that made impacted the ability for donors to select and make purchases. We apologize if you tried to make a tangible gift donation through one of these lists, the defect has now been corrected. The SmileAmazon Charity lists are a way for donors to purchase specific items to help Soccer Chaplains United. Whether it is a continuing education book or resource for a chaplain or soccer equipment that we send out on one of our community project fulfillment requests. You can find the different lists below and see the kinds of items that we need as an organization. Chaplaincy List —

    Oct 26,
  • Podhero is a monthly subscription that financially supports podcast creators. Each month, a listener's subscription fee gets split evenly between the podcasts picked via Podhero. Podhero, itself, isn’t a charity, but a way to support the podcasts that listeners already enjoy. For a limited time, Podhero will donate an additional $5 to our show, From the Touchline, on your behalf when you join using our specialized link: https://podhero.com/400759-Tkv. In addition to the $5 donation, a portion of your monthly subscription fee gets evenly distributed across the podcasts you select. Learn more by going to Podhero. Thank you for your support of Soccer Chaplains United and our podcast, From the Touchline.

    Oct 24,
  • Have you ever felt alone in the midst of the Beautiful Game? Alone in your faith? Alone in a different country, where you don't speak the same language? Where it is difficult to find community or ways to live out your faith? Today, on the From the Touchline podcast, I am joined by American Goalkeeper, John Hollinger. John joins me via zoom from Madrid, Spain while he waits out a 4-week lockdown in Northern Ireland where he has been on trial. John shares about his journey as a goalkeeper and his faith journey, what it's like to be in a foreign country and trying to live out your faith, and we play a fun little game called "Reflex" where we

    Oct 21,

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