• For second-year, volunteer Memphis 901 FC chaplain, Rev Greg Aydt, it has been a year of challenge. From COVID-19 forcing shutdown and distancing from athletes and coaches, to a late-season firing of the head coach, to supporting many players and staff struggling with the emotional and spiritual toll of social distancing and electronic communication replacing the typical face-to-face support that a chaplain offers. More recently, Memphis 901 FC ended their season out of playoff contention — with a bottom finish (Group G) for their revised USL Championship bracket for 2020. In addition to the extra difficulties with doing chaplaincy ministry from afar, Greg's church (Advent Presbyterian) has been without a pastor since late 2019 — so added preaching and church

    Oct 20,
  • I am pleased to announce the newest member of Soccer Chaplains United — Jubal McDaniel. Jubal will serve as volunteer chaplain for the Tacoma Defiance, of the United Soccer League—Championship. Jubal is the Founder and Executive Director of NW Football Ministries, a non-profit organization created to help poor and immigrant families be able to enjoy the game of soccer and to also receive encouragement and hear about the Good News of the Gospel through the examples and witness of the coaches. Jubal also serves as Elementary Athletic Director for Cascade Christian Schools where he coaches the girls Junior High and High School teams. You can learn more on his bio page here. Jubal McDaniel will serve as the volunteer chaplain for

    Oct 19,
  • For many who have children in youth sports, there is a mantra that is oft-repeated as parents commit hundreds, if not thousands, of hours and dollars to the sport(s) their children play: Well, if Susie can just get a college scholarship, it will be worth it all... In fact, sports at the youth and high school levels have become such an overwhelming enterprise that there are is a growing space for entrepreneurs who are out helping to coach, train, and teach parents how best to promote and get their student-athlete to stand out amongst a crowd when it comes to advancing in the game to the next level. And all of this with the noble (or ignoble) hope that college

    Oct 16,
  • In the midst of uncertain and difficult time, we may find ourselves flat on our back and needing help to stand back up. We need a good, trusted friend — someone who gets us, someone who understands us to help us back up after we've been knocked down. Today, on the From the Touchline podcast, I share a story of two men who extend a hand and helped each other through a difficult time. In II Kings 10:15-16 we read about Jehu and Jehonadab. At a time of great civil unrest and national turmoil, Jehu extends a hand of friendship and allegiance to Jehonadab. I reflect on our need during difficult times to have a friend who can extend a

    Oct 14,
  • This past week, two conference opportunities were afforded for Soccer Chaplains United chaplains. The first, offered by Sports Chaplaincy — UK, was their annual October conference put into a video format. The "Glocal" conference touched on critical themes which have affected the sports chaplaincy world and, so, the global and local themes combined into "glocal" were addressed through the 4-day conference. Key issues of diversity, disability, race, mental health, and what lies ahead for the future of sports chaplaincy were addressed through numerous workshops and teaching times. While start times for the UK conference made attendance difficult, sessions were recorded and made available for later viewing. Another conference also happened this past week, this one stateside as PowerUp Sports Ministry

    Oct 09,