• Being thankful has a tremendous impact on our own spiritual and mental health and well-being. No matter one's circumstances, there is always something that we can give thanks for, something that we can be grateful for. And when that focus is off of one's self it can help foster greater sense of gratitude and even impact things like one's self-esteem. In today's From the Touchline episode, Rev Brad and special guest Brooke Ewert reflect on the impact of gratitude and how this can affect even elite, high-level athletes. Brooke is the Director of Counseling for Soccer Chaplains United and also has her own practice, Rocky Mountain Sports Counseling. Notable stories or resources mentioned in today's podcast: — 5 Kernels of

    Nov 27,
  • Family. You can't choose them. But ancestry is important — and we have ancestral pieces to other parts of our lives, as well. For example, we have an ancestry to our vocational lives — whether as footballer, coach, or chaplain there are people who have helped shape and form who we are today. In a similar way we have a spiritual heritage, a spiritual ancestry that is important to consider. Who are the people who have had an impact on your faith journey? Who has impacted your view on God and this world? In today's From the Touchline episode, Rev Brad reflects on ancestry of these different types and encourages a practice of reflecting on the people (and even events)

    Nov 20,
  • Last week, I had the terrifying privilege of trying to change a flat tire on Southbound I-25 near Denver, CO. With each pass of a semi truck or vehicle, the wind buffeted the car while I fetched out the spare tire and jacked up the car for the first time in my memory. I needed to look at the owner's manual to even understand where the spare tire was on the vehicle. I also think it is the first time in perhaps 15 years that I have had to change a tire and, I am thankfully still alive. Driving to the tire shop, I arrived — discouraged with the setback, but grateful no harm and no further damage other than the

    Nov 17,
  • I'm really pleased to announce that our podcast, From the Touchline, has been accepted for distribution by Apple and Google Podcasts and Stitcher with more submissions to different podcasting outlets to come. From the Touchline is a short-feature (usually 10 min) podcast with Rev Brad Kenney, Founder and Executive Director of Soccer Chaplains United and Volunteer Chaplain to the Colorado Rapids of Major League Soccer. Rev Brad and occasional guests touch on various issues around the topics of faith, family, and football (soccer). You can see a list of our From the Touchline podcasts, right here on our website. And on each episode's page, you can subscribe using your preferred service. Soon to come we will be trying to launch

    Nov 15,
  • Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church's 2019 mission trip to Juarez was a strengthening, encouraging and fun-filled time of ministry. Jacob Smith, a team member reports back on the trip: The first full day we were there, we went to the park where we spent the afternoon playing a fantastic soccer game with the local people. During the game, we passed out the jerseys and some soccer balls that were generously donated to us through Soccer Chaplains United's Community Project program. It wasn’t just the kids that rushed forward to have a jersey, but the men and women were thrilled to have one too. Jacob Smith, Mission Team Member to Juarez The jerseys and gear helped us bond with the local people

    Nov 14,

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