Congress Reflections

Nov 01, 2019

This week, I asked our Director of Counseling, Brooke Ewert to share some of her own reflections following on from the 2nd Global Congress on Sport and Christianity. In her own words,

“This past week was the 2nd Global Congress on Sport and Christianity in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This was my first time attending this conference. After processing through the week when I returned home, I felt so incredibly blessed to be in the same room with so many Christians who work in the sports world. To be honest, I often feel alone because there are not many people who specialize in sports like I do with sports counseling.”

I was encouraged to hear from those who work in sports as academics, historians, mental health professionals, and chaplains. Each person focused on helping athletes or studying them to help them in a more holistic way. The camaraderie that came from being in the ‘same field’ bonded us together quickly. I felt many people I interacted with quickly became friends and we tried to figure out how we can best help each other in our respective fields of work.”

“A few moments stuck out to me from the conference. First, I met women in my own field (mental health) who encouraged me in my own work with athletes in mental health. Second, I was gleaning information from the speakers who look at sports differently than me and how that can help me to be a better practitioner. I felt inspired by many of those speakers who helped me to see how sports and faith can be weaved together in a beautiful bond. I am already looking forward to the next meeting of the congress in three years and I cannot wait to have a few more sports counselors attending with me.

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