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Colorado Springs Has A Community Coordinator

I have learned in this ministry work, that sometimes as you go along, you pick up people interested in what you do. Sometimes they want to financially give, other times they want to get involved and that’s exactly how we came across our new Community Coordinator for Colorado Springs, Cory Jones.

Cory was part of a team that made a request of our Timothy Project. He and team members from  Mountain Springs Church and Beyond Survival, made their way to Swaziland with several bags of soccer gear. What followed was a pricking of his heart as he asked, what more can be done?

I enjoy the very idea that I can support Soccer Chaplains United as they support local mission trips with equipment that will bless people and spread the Gospel.

Boys sport Colorado Rapids jerseys as part of the Timothy Project fulfillment in 2017

Cory, along with Pastor Rick Clapp and Beyond Survival, spent a couple of weeks serving and ministering in Swaziland. The donated gear went to help a local coach who runs a sports ministry. When Cory returned from Swaziland, it was a conversation with Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC Chaplain Kurt Trempert and another church leader that spurred Cory on to exploring, “What if,…” with Soccer Chaplains United. A few meetings later, steps taken to replicate the Community Coordinator and Timothy Project for the Colorado Springs area, and Soccer Chaplains United has grown another part of its ministry. Cory shared some of his own heart and desire for moving forward with Soccer Chaplains United,

As the organization grows, I look forward to working with local churches and business to garner support and look for way to support them moving forward.

Cory will serve in the Colorado Springs area to liaise and facilitate requests and gear donations. In addition to coordinating with the Denver-area Coordinator Erin Burmeister, Cory will help develop relationships with local church and soccer entities in the Springs area to help steward and hand off gear through the Timothy Project as well as developing other emerging community initiatives with the Chaplain Trempert.

As the Director of Soccer Chaplains United, it’s exciting to see growth in this area — it’s a natural outworking of our serving a local professional team and seeing the chaplaincy and care ministry grow and effect a local community.

You can read more about Cory Jones on his bio page.

If you are in the Colorado Springs area and want to become more involved with Soccer Chaplains United and our work there we are always looking for more financial and church partners to help continue to support the work and ministry. Please reach out to us at

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