Prayers - Against Addiction

May 23, 2018

Addiction is a fierce reality when it comes to sport — it may be an addiction to things intended to be helpful (like medicines used to alleviate pain and promote healing) or addictions to hurtful things (like alcohol or drugs, sex or pornography). But there can also be unhealthy addictions to some of the unseen things that sport, especially football (soccer), seems to provide, like power, prestige, identity or influence. The roar of the crowds or the approval of parents or loved ones may be just as addicting as one of the more familiar “vices.”

This prayer is a prayer asking God for help in the midst of addiction — no matter what the addiction is. It is a prayer to be reminded that God is present — that He does not abandon the addict. It is a prayer for God’s help to fight and overcome, to be clean, to be sober, to be made whole, again.

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