Cumbre Alta Strives for Equality With Latest Gear

Nov 03, 2022

Jason Rollins and a team of students and parents returned from Ecuador this summer, and we’ve all been eager to hear how Casa Deportiva Cumbre Alta was able to use the gear that the team took down.  You can read about the team’s initial request and the eventual fulfillment.

Matt Keifer, the Director of Operations for Cumbre Alta, recently sent the following report:

First of all… thank you again! This is awesome stuff and can’t tell you how excited our men and womens team will be to get all of this new gear. 

Because of the amount that was given, and the varying sizes, we have enough of the compression gear to give to both the first team’s of the men and women. There will not be another team in category that has anything like this for the men, and zero teams regardless of classification will have anything like this for women. Women usually get the leftovers at best, but usually get the worst clothing, equipment, and field choices. This is one area we want to distinguish ourselves by putting the women on equal footing with the men in every way. I have no doubt our guys and girls will be flooding their personal social media pages with their new training gear- I really can’t explain how cool and rare this will be for our players. 

The t-shirts we received are already put to good use. We have already given out a bunch as “prizes” to kids that attend our games- we have small competitions before and after games and we give the tshirts as prizes for competing.  Something else that no other team is doing around here (taking care of their fans and giving stuff away for free)!

We gave the jackets away to the women’s teams.  In all we gave away 56 jackets to the players of our 2 women’s teams. It is another way that we demonstrate to them that they are just as valued as their male counterparts… Thank you!

We still have about 35 tshirts of smaller sizes that we will give to the kids of a local orphanage.  We have a small camp planned there where the kids will receive these tshirts.

Again… thank you!  Getting donations like this is rare but super beneficial to our program as a whole, but more importantly demonstrates the love of Christ when we get to explain to our players where the clothing/ gear comes from and why.  It’s another touch point that allows us the share the Gospel with our players.

Cumbre Alta was able to add their logo to the compression gear the team took down

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