• For Rev. Mike Anderson, the Bethel Orphanage in Juarez, Mexico has been a place that has captured his heart for years so when he heard that CrossTraining had some extra soccer gear from the Colorado Rapids that was available as part of the Timothy Project, he jumped at the opportunity. We went down to Juarez about 18 years ago to build a house and stopped by a local orphanage, and, being adopted myself, I've really had a heart for orphans. About five years ago, a fellow minister invited me to Bethel Orphange to take some trees to plant in the neighborhood and at orphanage - we stayed with the children and workers and God just grabbed my heart as they

    Jan 31,
  • Nearly one year ago, one of the most devastating losses occurred for a member of the Colorado Rapids staff - the sudden and tragic death of almost 3-year old, Elysa Rojas was a painful moment for so many at the club, but none so much as parents Jaime and Jana. Jaime Rojas has served as the Rapids Head Athletic Trainer since 2010 - the year the Rapids won MLS Cup and his daughter Elysa was born in February of that same year. Elysa held a special place, too, in the hearts of those that played and worked for the club during those years - she could be seen out a training session with mom and sister, and was always giving dad

    Jan 26,
  • Recently, the Colorado Rapids cleaned house - boxes of used team gear were simply taking up too much space in the confines of Dick's Sporting Goods Park and after the annual "garage sale" for Rapids fans, there was still plenty left over. That's when team staff contacted Rapids Chaplain Brad Kenney. The text message read: Yo. We have 4 boxes of donations for you. Everything from boots to jerseys. You want to get them at some point? Well, four boxes turned into 20 - jerseys, boots, pants, compression shirts and shorts, socks - the amount was nearly overwhelming. Chaplain Kenney conferenced with Associate Chaplains Hugo Venegas and Ricardo Orellana - how can we quickly move this gear and get it into

    Jan 24,
  • The Colorado Rapids have been in the news of late, particularly over the situation with the head coach, Oscar Pareja. For the last couple of months, there have been stories that surface about Pareja's pursuit by his former club FC Dallas. Beginning in November of 2013, rumors that Dallas had interest in the former player, former academy coach started to hit online media outlets. The Rapids quickly shut down the conversation with a strong statement that Pareja was the future coach. But the story resurfaced just before Christmas, that Dallas was really keen to make Pareja their next head coach. After weeks of quiet, the news suddenly broke that Pareja was stepping down as head coach, but then Pareja was

    Jan 08,

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