• It is with a bit of sadness that we announce that Gustavo Bentos will be stepping down as chaplain to the Charlotte Independence. The season, which has just concluded, saw a strong start to ministry, but was ultimately hampered by increased duties and responsibilities with Gustavo's church Northside Baptist and personal health issues this year that saw Gustavo have to go for surgery to remove a benign mass in his head. Gustavo has brought such a great dynamic to our chaplain team — in addition, to his experience as a professional player, Gustavo's energy and background and bilingual skills were a much needed part of our team. Gustavo now will be able to focus more on his recovery, duties at

    Oct 31,
  • One of the most exciting spaces for the chaplains and counselors with Soccer Chaplains United is something that has developed over the past couple of years — working with the athletes, coaches, and families with the Developmental Academy (DA). In the picture above, the "preachers" as Larry the stadium security guard likes to call us, get ready to lead a life skills session for the Colorado Rapids DA. Rev Brad Kenney and Chaplains Rubèn Rodríguez and Gerardo Alvarez pose for a quick pic. For those unfamiliar with the DA, these are essentially the cream of the crop in soccer. The young athletes in the DA are potential professional soccer players in the making. Professional clubs often pay all of the

    Oct 30,
  • It's that time of year for Soccer Chaplains United. I start taking off the chaplain hat (not really, as I have a lot of appointments and loose ends to tie up, but you'll see) and I put more of the organizational needs onto my immediate attention. Fundraising and development best happen in this time and space when the season of serving and ministering as chaplain slow down. Yes, there are still the emerging issues that will come from the Developmental Academy and the occasional meeting with a First-Team Rapids player, coach, or staff member to offer support. This year is a bit special as I've been asked to officiate a player's wedding in December. Of the organizational and developmental needs

    Oct 29,
  • From sorting and packing to dropping off and blessing — Rev Brad Talks About the Indestructible One World Ball Rev Brad Encourages the Team to Bless the in-country Drop Off Rev Brad Talks about Reproducing Generosity Rev Brad Shares a story - Size 12 in Haiti

    Oct 18,
  • Unfortunately, this season will see the end of Cody Baker serving as a counselor with Soccer Chaplains United. Cody, has been there from the beginning with us and was an integral part of our organization growing. He has served well and really helped us, especially in the early years and through the transition from CrossTraining to Soccer Chaplains United. I'd like to personally thank Cody for the contributions he has made over the years — including putting up with me and working hard to figure out how we can integrate chaplaincy and counseling service for a soccer team! In recent months, Cody has been feeling a draw and call away from private practice and into helping young people in the

    Oct 17,

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