Our 3 Biggest Needs for the 4th Quarter of 2018

Oct 29, 2018

It’s that time of year for Soccer Chaplains United. I start taking off the chaplain hat (not really, as I have a lot of appointments and loose ends to tie up, but you’ll see) and I put more of the organizational needs onto my immediate attention. Fundraising and development best happen in this time and space when the season of serving and ministering as chaplain slow down. Yes, there are still the emerging issues that will come from the Developmental Academy and the occasional meeting with a First-Team Rapids player, coach, or staff member to offer support. This year is a bit special as I’ve been asked to officiate a player’s wedding in December.

Of the organizational and developmental needs there are three that standout very clearly:


For the 4th quarter of 2018, our fundraising goal is just over $40k. This will help us meet our full budget commitments for 2018 and help provide a positive foundation for 2019. We are waiting (and praying) for word back on a couple of grants that we’ve applied for. One or both of these could tremendously help the amount we need to raise for this year and next should they come in.

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To achieve a better financial position though and be able to grow, we need to develop an additional $2500 per month in support. The regular giving from our faithful supporters is invaluable. We never know just how much end of year giving will amount to and we’re always careful to make sure that we stay in the black as a ministry. At times this is a restraint on potential growth, but we’re seeing more positive trends.

Board of Directors

For the better part of 2018, we’ve been operating a bit short-handed on our board of directors side. Our desire is to have 10 and we’re at 7 right now. Our search is for three additional board members that can bring some diversity and experience to our board that currently isn’t there. Namely, we’d love to see female representation, bilingual representation, and others with soccer and non-profit experience.

Our search is for three additional board members that can bring some diversity and experience to our board that currently isn’t there.

If you or someone you know (or if you want to suggest/volunteer someone :)) shoot us an email:

Chaplain Candidates

And of course, our primary focus is to put good chaplain candidates into the teams and communities that we have been cultivating. We’re looking for chaplain candidates for El Paso, Memphis, Charlotte, Chattanooga, and other places and locals. We’ve seen some good success with local pastors who have a passion for soccer and 10-15 hours in season in ministry bandwidth.

Please pray, too, that we can continue to maintain the integrity and quality of the chaplains that we are looking for and developing.

Well, a long story and a lot of words. Thanks for taking the time. And please pray for me, the board and the entire team as we look forward to what God has for the remainder of 2018 and beyond!

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