Ballou Doesn't Renew, Commits to Help as CPA

Feb 01, 2019

Jack Ballou has been one of the longstanding board members for Soccer Chaplains United. Beginning his service in 2015, Jack has served through the transition from CrossTraining to Soccer Chaplains United and has been largely responsible for helping the organization set its financial policies and procedures into place. In addition to helping create the existing structure, he has helped oversee the expanding book-keeping needs and the addition of a part-time book-keeper.

At the end of his second, two-year term Jack expressed his desire to step away from the board of directors, but continue to serve as a CPA for Soccer Chaplains United. He will continue to be involved to insure a smooth hand off is made to the next board member who might step more fully into the Treasurer role.

On behalf of Soccer Chaplains United and the Board of Directors, we are extremely grateful to Jack for his years of service and we look forward to continuing to have his wisdom and experience at hand in this new form.

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