• CrossTraining announces the second Timothy Project recipient of 2012. This project starts with a group of children living in subsidized housing in South West Calgary - as part of the immigrant community, they don't have much. Here is where Christian Life Assembly is trying to make a difference. Three years ago, CLA began using soccer camps as an outreach to those families and last year marked the first time the group brought their camp to the housing area to make the camps more accessible for the children. But CLA aren't doing the camps alone. They partner with a Christian man from Rwanda who began a free, saturday soccer club in the housing development where he lives. The club has been running every

    May 26,
  • There is a unique activity that happens in a football (soccer) match as the supporters or fans of a particular club or team will stand and raise scarves that bear their team's colors and emblems. The practice, begun in the early 1900's in England, was a way of showing team spirit and support in the midst of cold weather. English fans would stand, raise their scarves, sing songs and anthems about their teams and show support in this unified way. The practice has migrated not only to the US, but really worldwide as teams today in climates hot and cold, produce team scarves as a way for fans to show their loyalty. Scarves can vary - but the most traditional

    May 24,
  • There is a story told in the scriptures of the Hebrew prophet Elisha and a widow who had two sons. The woman's husband had apparently been in service to Elisha at some point, but since his death she was unable to provide and unable to pay off debts that were owed. As 2 Kings 4 relates, Elisha asked the woman two questions - "How can I help you?" and "What do you have?" As I drove this past weekend to meet with and counsel a player, I looked at the gas gauge and reflected on this story and how some of you have supported the ministry of CrossTraining over the past few years. Interestingly, the woman in the story cannot

    May 15,
  • CrossTraining announces the first recipient of the 2012 Timothy Project program: a summer soccer camp in Pisek, Czech Republic. Please read more below about the team and this first project that CrossTraining will be supporting below: They have been sending teams there for years, but this year will mark the first time the team has hosted a soccer camp. A short-term mission team of high school students and adults from Cherry Hills Community Church in Colorado will be going to the Czech Republic to help bring the light and hope of Jesus Christ to campers and use soccer to overcome cultural and language barriers. The work in Czech will be with Cherry Hill's sister church in Pisek, Elim Evangelical Church.  The soccer

    May 11,
  • Toronto FC, at one time one of Major League Soccer's bright stars, has reached an embarrassing low. Starting the 2012 season with a league record of 0-8, the Toronto club has yet to get a win, or even a draw (tie), for any points on the season. The accompanying sense of frustration from the losing streak is one of the places where chaplains are often called to minister and speak into - sometimes with mixed results. For some, the presence of a team chaplain, can represent a desire to meet holistic needs of the individuals that make up a team (players, coaches, staff, etc.). To others, the team chaplain can also represent something of a religious token where by superstitions

    May 06,

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