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Timothy Project 2011 Update: Timoteos Ligi Turkey

CrossTraining supporters will be familiar with the Turkey Timothy League from last year’s Timothy Project. CrossTraining supporters helped raise $600 to help the league afford fees for a season of play – including having officials, paying for sponsorships for students, and more. The goal of the Timothy League is to reach out to the community and build positive and strong relationships with young people through the sport of soccer and by demonstrating the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

Earlier this year, CrossTraining had the opportunity to supply several boots (cleats) to league director and coordinator Sedat Selamet via a mutual friend, Terry Adams. Selamet recently wrote to CrossTraining to tell us a story behind one of the pairs of shoes:


“We will give a pair of those great shoes to the player at the upper right corner (of the photo). He is a poor student. He has been growing in the Lord greatly and has been serving at our league voluntarily.”

Along with Selamet, we extend our thanks to CrossTraining supporters who have made it possible to partner with other ministries and organizations around the world. Check out our Timothy Project page for details and information on submitting an application for 2012. And be sure to be on the look out for stories and highlights from the new projects that we are taking on!

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