Timothy Project CR 2014: Indigenous Indians Receive Rapids Gear

Apr 17, 2014

Distant Bri Bri Native Indian Village Along Panama Border Receives Gear

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In the distant native indigenous Bri Bri Indian village of Yorkin, nestled and shrouded by the green canopies of primary jungle forest along the Northeast border with Panama, is a group of young boys and men who are passionate about soccer. Chaplain Hugo Venegas has worked on short term mission projects with this community for over seven years and have helped build with volunteers from Colorado and other areas in the US and Canada, the village’s water system, a health clinic, classrooms for their jungle high school, and the infra structure for their rural ecotourism project.


Chaplain Venegas on the 1 1/2 hour long canoe ride to the village of Yorkin.

When Chaplain Venegas arrived at the village after a 8-hour journey from the capital city of San Jose, all the men and boys were out working around the village, so he met with the leaders of the women’s community association to present the gear for the boys and men in the village to be outfitted for their competitive games against other village teams in the region. Chaplain Venegas commented on the trip to the village,

It was an hour and a half canoe trip to get there. The men of the village work some work on canoes, farm, or taking care of the visitors to the reservation. It’s a really neat project because everyone makes minimum wages and then all the profits get invested back into the community.


Women from the board of the Stibrawpa women’s group receiving the Colorado Rapids gear donation from CrossTraining’s Hugo Venegas.

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