Timothy Project: Liberia 2015 Update 3

Jul 14, 2016

Last year, CrossTraining announced the Timothy Project: Liberia 2015 and the goal of Liberian Institute for Empowerment (L.I.F.E.) to fill a shipping container from Colorado to send to Liberia with soccer equipment and school supplies. CrossTraining initially gave over 500 pieces of soccer equipment including Colorado Rapids jerseys, cones, training vests, backpacks, and cleats for the container project. Then, in May 2016, CrossTraining was able to provide an additional 300 jerseys to add to the container before loading day.

lifeYou can see some of the photos from L.I.F.E.’s blog here of the loading of the container. With the container en-route, Director Thomas Fahn will be heading to Liberia in early August to meet the container in Monrovia.

L.I.F.E.’s mission is to assist in meeting the basic need of the children, youth, and the elders in the Gola Konneh district through the container project. L.I.F.E. continues to need additional funds to make the final payment for shipping the container overseas. You can make donations to support them on their website.

We will post pictures and stories as soon as we can when the items finally make their way in country.