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Timothy Project: Czech Republic 2015 Final Update

Timothy Project: Czech Republic 2015CrossTraining Timothy ProjectThe Timothy Project: Czech Republic 2015 final update comes from the team that traveled to the Czech Republic this past summer. If you will recall, CrossTraining – through the Timothy Project – outfitted the team which featured six players and two coaches with indoor soccer balls to use during the indoor portion of the camp. The team has been traveling to CZ for a few years now and hosting soccer camps which are designed to give children an opportunity to start building a foundation with a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Team leader, Greg Hubbard (pictured above, 2nd row, 2nd from right), wrote the following expression of thanks for the contribution of indoor balls,

First and foremost I would like to thank you for your prayers and donations that helped make the 2015 Czech Soccer Camp possible…I had the privilege of having my father attend, as well as another father-son duo, so it was…only fitting for our small group devotional time to be centered around the idea of “Fatherhood” and the story of the Prodigal Son. The players were challenged with questions about their father’s role (or lack there of) in their life and how their perception of their earthly father might unfairly translate on their view of their Heavenly Father.

As the team spent a week in Pisek, American and Czech players participated with the coaches for hours each day in drills and scrimmages aimed at uniting the two cultures alike through the common language of soccer and the devotional times aimed to speak to the heart of the young men in attendance. But the trip wasn’t only impactful for the local young men of Pisek, as Hubbard shared about one of his own team members,

The week ended with a very emotional testimony from one of our members from the Czech leadership team describing how his life reflected that of the prodigal son; mixed up with alcohol and gambling, but found a gracious Heavenly Father who was asking for nothing more of him than to deny his sinful desires and lovingly put his trust in the Lord, just as He had loved us first.

Hubbard and Cherry Hills Community Church have already begun planning and praying for 2016 and future camps and programs. Please keep the team and the lives they have impacted in your prayers.

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