Timothy Project: Calgary Housing Project Soccer Camp

May 26, 2012

CrossTraining announces the second Timothy Project recipient of 2012. This project starts with a group of children living in subsidized housing in South West Calgary – as part of the immigrant community, they don’t have much. Here is where Christian Life Assembly is trying to make a difference. Three years ago, CLA began using soccer camps as an outreach to those families and last year marked the first time the group brought their camp to the housing area to make the camps more accessible for the children.

But CLA aren’t doing the camps alone. They partner with a Christian man from Rwanda who began a free, saturday soccer club in the housing development where he lives. The club has been running every Saturday for two years now and serves to give kids a sense of belonging as well as teach skills that build confidence, character, and self-esteem.

Part of what CLA offers to campers are snacks and a short devotional. They also invite Canadian children to join in the camps in order to help the immigrant children integrate into Canadian culture and develop new friendships and relationships. “Soccer Club,” as it is known, serves as one connection point, among several programs, for nearly 60 children and their families from various nationalities, faiths and socio-economic origins.

The Timothy Project would include partnering to sponsor children to attend this year’s week long soccer camp. With CLA aiming to build a long term relationships with the families in the housing area, building trust and sharing about God’s love are integral parts to the camps offered to the children. CLA is hoping to find sponsorship for 50 children this year at a cost of $60 per child. The camp will be held August 20th to 24th.

To make a donation to help support the Calgary project please use the PayPal box below and mark your gift CXT: Calgary. Thanks for your support!

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